Carpet Stretching Service In Huntsville

Carpet Stretching Of Huntsville 

Is your installed carpet needing a Carpet StretchingWe can Power Stretch your carpet back to that firm tight feel it once had. You will feel it in every new step. We can also patch it if it ever gets burned, ripped by pets or a bad permanent carpet stain needs removed. Choose us for all your Carpet Stretching Service needs.

Carpet was designed to take a beating..but sometimes the carpet will loosen from the tack strips along the wall and gather in the middle areas of the room. A few reasons will cause the carpet backing to over stretch on it's own with normal traffic over time. What ever the reason it's best to deal with it as you notice it. Continuing to walk on loose carpet will soon start to break down the compounds in the backing and slowing disintegrate it into a fine powder that then, begins to break down the padding as well.   

If this is you...

"I need a Carpet Stretcher near Huntsville Al and I need one now!" 
...then we are here to help!     Ask for Allen ->

Pet Damaged Carpet

Besides pet damaged carpet sometimes we even have accidents like leaving an iron on our carpet and melting the fibers into a permanent iron shape. You realise that synthetic rugs are plastic, right? Also, melted plastics give off a pungent odor that can linger in the melted and burned area. Patching from a closet carpet remnant may be your only answer.

Our pets will get stressed and start digging and scratching at closed doorways leaving terrible unsightly carpet rips and holes. Even permanent, color changing carpet stains are a good reason to call your favorite carpet repair tech and get it patched right away! Choose us for all your pet damaged carpet needs...Call the Number above right now!

Pet Damage On Carpet

Don't worry little feller, we can fix that!


Don't have a spare piece for the carpet repair?

One option is to choose a closet carpet (the same type) to sacrifice for the Carpet Repair patch. Then go purchase a small carpet piece as close to the closet carpet as possible. Then we can install that piece for you also while we are there. 

We Repair Carpet Burns!

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