Our Carpet Cleaning Methods!


The Hot Water Extraction Method Is Our Preferred Carpet Cleaning Methods!

We use hot water under pressure to safely blast and loosen dried soil and tough stains out of the carpet pile or upholstered furniture. Learn my preferred carpet cleaning methods and more, read on...

But first..the carpet or fabric are pre-treated with a powerful but eco-friendly cleaning and spotting solution. What makes this ammonia based cleaning solution so powerful? Ours come with a deep penetrating emulsifying agent mixed in that quickly lifts the soil on contact for an even easier extraction of soil and stains.
Fast drying too!

My industrial carpet cleaning extractor has two 3-stage vacuum blower motors so your carpet and upholstery is left clean and Only Damp when finished. 
Our system uses a small amount of water under pressure jets so your carpet never gets saturated. The extraction process happens almost immediately never allowing water to penetrate your carpet backing. Wood floors underneath? No problem. You carpet cleaning happens from the jute backing up. Carpets and upholstery are left only damp and according to humidity, will dry that same day. Any fans or airflow will always speed up the drying times.

carpet cleaning methods

There are many more Carpet Cleaning Methods out there but I have not seen a better way to do it (being 30 years in the business) than with a hot water extraction method.

Give us a try! Call us today for a fresher and cleaner smelling home tomorrow!